About Me, About this Geo-thingy

Me and my geo-kids

Me and my geo-kids

I am a busy mum of 2 and wife to 1, living on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW (Australia!). I study (Masters in Disability Studies); I teach (Primary Ethics, and Mental Health First Aid) and I geocache…My brother introduced me to geocaching in late 2013, and my new obsession hobby was borne.

Geo-caching is a worldwide game of hide and seek, using GPS coordinates to locate ‘caches’ hidden by others who play the game.  The kids refer to it as ‘treasure-hunting’ and find a simple joy in the experience (well, some of them!).  The basics of the game consists of using a GPS (or smartphone with GPS capability) to find the marked coordinates; locate a container of some sort (commonly a piece of Tupperware or old Mint tin) and log your find in the enclosed log book. For those who like, you can swap a trinket or some such other ‘treasure’ (that’s the bit the kids like!).  You then replace the cache as found, and also ‘log’ your find online.

You can find out more about geocaching from the official site, www.geocaching.com.

20140125-210040.jpgThis blog documents my (novice) geocaching adventures….like it or not, if you plan on reading my blog, be warned: there are ‘spoilers’ left, right and centre – if you’re ever planning on doing the same hunts as me, then you will find my blog gives away nearly everything, and will lessen (‘spoil’) your experience 🙂

Disclaimer for the cachers among us out in the open, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might find the following useful:

Muggle – that’s you. A person who doesn’t know/understand geocaching.  They are the people wondering what the hell a cacher is doing. They are also held responsible for geo-caches that go missing from their hiding place (being “Muggled”)

GZ – Ground Zero…the location of the hide, as indicated by the coordinates

DNF – Did not find. Plain and simple, good things are hard to find 😉

Nano – listed as a ‘micro’ (smaller than a film canister), a nano is smaller still…about the size of a thumbnail. Little buggers are hard to find.

TB/Traveller – TravelBug….a ‘trackable’ object (usually a dog tag with varying attached items) that is moved from cache to cache by people who find them. Some travellers have missions, and can have originated anywhere in the world….there are also GeoCoins….same thing, different smell.

SWAG – Stuff We’ve All Got – the ‘crap’ you find in a geocache for swapping.  Usually it’s little kids toys, occasionally something better and more adult (little ‘tools’ and the like).  Caching etiquette is to trade for something of equal or greater value…but ‘value’ is subjective, and it all relies on the honour system anyway…which is why sometimes you find rubbish or coins or whatever odds and ends someone had in their pocket at the time 😉

(Feel free to give me a shout out if there’s some jargon I’m using that you have no clue about what I’m referring to, and I’ll be sure to add it to my list!)

P.S. I like comments and stuff. Feel free to.


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