Few and Far Between

The past few weeks I’ve been busy doing other things, but fortunately those other things lent itself to a few caches on the side…. Unfortunately as far as caches I have left to find on the Central Coast is concerned, it’s few and far between these days. If I had known (or listened more carefully to early advice) I may not have rushed about “cleaning up” the caches in locations so close to home, because now it’s a case of just grabbing a few caches when I can, rather than chasing caches with any kind of regularity.

That said, another errand run to the northern suburbs yielded me another smiley, despite having only collected up the odd few remaining in those parts just a week before… The caching gods were smiling on me, because a new cache had been published in the interim.  The CO was “Little Roo”, a wee geo-companion of his parents, and so this was just a “little cache”, no more, no less.  With Big Jorja in tow, we entered the side of the road scrub (“neighbourhood green space”) and turned in circles a few times before finding a small systems tucked in a small spot under a small rock. Inside was a small pencil and small logbook. No more, no less 😀

Cache foundLittle Roo’s Little Cache

Find number: 1190

Date found: 31st March 2016

Location: Kanwal, Central Coast, NSW

Found with: Big J
imageThe next day dad and I figured we might as well go north again – he had quite a few still to find in Lake Munmorah, and while I’d done the waterfront series already, there was a few newer once since my last visit…. We started out by driving all the way out to Mannering Park, a whiles away from nowhere and with no caches in between, and once we arrived at GZ we realised the cache as MIA anyway. So that false start aside, we travelled back out of that point, then down a different long road of nothingness to the point of Vales Point.  At least the cache there was there to be found, but we made short work of it – thankfully, because the nearby sewage treatment area made this cache literally stink.

From there it was across to Lake Munmorah, where we headed first for the ones I hadn’t done – hidden by a somewhat new cacher, they were somewhat hit and miss… Not just for us as it would appear from the logs, with lots of earlier updates of coords and DNFs.  We managed 3 from 5. One we hunted around for a while before reading in the logs of those who had found it, they’d found it the dense weeds, more than 10m from GZ – so we gave up. The other, we decided not to bother with as soon as we saw the lantana.  From there we then enjoyed collecting the lakeside series for dad – well, what was left of it anyway, with several archived since my visit, and another we found burnt to a crisp 😱.

As we headed for home with time up our sleeves I suggested we go find the Ourimbah Fitness Trail multi we had started in the rain the week before. Figuring our resolved coordinates were correct, and knowing it was mid-semester break, we headed straight for the carpark near GZ, and with the place to ourselves set about poking about the rock wall seating area and multitude of places it could hide that matched the given hint – but after we found ourselves coming up empty even though our search area was far wider than it would have been in a different setting. As we scratched our heads and dad wandered even further afield I sent off a desperate text to the previous finder, who kindly responded with a quick hint. But it didn’t seem to make sense – until a further question/answer about GZ led me to a slightly different spot, 20-30m away – similar but distinctly different… Dad was already there hunting in hope when I approached and spotted the hide (now I knew what to look out for) from a distance – turns out we had one of our Easting digits off by 1 🙃.

Caches found: 6 (#1191 – 1196)

Date found: 1st April 2016

Location: Lake Munmorah & Ourimbah, Central Coast, NSW

Found with: Opa-Shrek
Another week passed with the geo-bro nagging me for a blog to distract him from whatever… Nothing much to blog about, only found half a dozen “nothing much” roadsides – well into his 80’s on his current streak he sounded a little incredulous – until he remembered the hand I had dealt myself 😉 …  While I whiled away my time a new cache appeared in my neck of the woods … And seemingly having taken lessons from someone called “Evil Kel”, my friendly neighbourhood geocacher Barefoot Jeff was tempting me out with a cache in my backyard – reading through the description I quickly noted the “trail-not-trail” down the hill from the waypoints above ended with a marked reference point at the end of my street. How could I not go find it – well, besides the fact I had just picked up the girls from school, it was T4 – not something I was keen to rush out to do…But. It was hidden nearby and oh so close! Not in a position to go looking right there and then, I put it on watch and grumbled to myself about it awhile, before looking at it properly later that night. Thankfully no one had rushed out for the FTF, and having a good look at it, I figured I could take a few educated guesses to the wheat outs of GZ – especially given several of my own caches restricted the possibilities due to proximity issues, as did a National Park. The next morning, as soon as the kids were in school I was off to investigate a couple of the possibilities I had designated… I was hunting about at the 3rd such possible when the notification came through for the FTF. bugger….and here I was up shit creek without coordinates 😜.With that gone and other things to do, I moved on, but it didn’t stop me casually checking a few more spots as I passed by over the next few days… I still have a few spots I want to check out, and I know it’s a needle in a haystack and I probably won’t find it like this, but I,ll keep trying until I find the motivation to head for the T4 waypoints to find out where I really should be hunting…and when I do, I know I will be having a forehead slap moment, but it’s all part of the fun and games really isn’t it?

I still wasn’t think too much about heading out for caches when dad suggested a geo run before the holidays – convincing me by mentioning I was only 4 away from my next mini milestone, #1200 .. Of course it took nothing at all to twist my arm, and we settled on a run through the mountain roads we’d passed through before to find the ones we’d left behind, ensuring we’d get a minimum of 4 finds 😀.  First stop was at an old metal bridge – I’d been here on 2 precious occassions but come up empty both times – the first challenge out here is limited phone reception, but this was hidden particularly well – or so we eventually found out when I caved and hit up the CO for a clue 😉. From there it was onto Yarramalong, where we left a multi and puzzle behind so we’re back to find them this time – we also stopped to collect another multi which we had resolved, but oddly at the time didn’t walk across the road from the waypoint to GZ for some reason, so did so this time – not that it would have mattered if we didn’t… We probably spent 20 minutes poking about in the thorny brambles by the roadside without any luck! anyway, the puzzle was one that was easily solved, by searching information on the listed Deaf Geocachers, and once at GZ we found the simple container tied to a tree. imageKnowing the multi ended in the same reserve, we wandered across the other side & had a hunt about for likely spots that matched the clues given – finding one, with rocks inside a tree, I knew we had the hide – but all that haws under the rocks was a small paper booklet – no names or any such other, no baggy, and no container. But a paper book, under a rock, inside a tree hollow that perfectly matched the described GZ was enough for me, so I signed on the dotted line, and hid it back as found 😀

Next we headed over Bumble Hill – I’d passed over once before, but without a navigator telling me when the caches were coming up on the road, only managed 1, so still had 2 more along there to find… Plus, I’d noted another traditional on an off shout road that was accessible by 2WD from this end, so we added that in to… In fact, that was the one I recorded as my 1200th find 😀 – all were regular sized roadside caches tucked behind trees, the most notable thing being the sailing boat and trailer dumped in the bush all the way up on the ridge – but none posed us any problems, and so we, of course, found ourselves with time up our sleeves for “one more” 😉

imageLast but not least was a re-boot of an older cache we had both found outside the now burnt down and decilitre “Old Sydney Town” – disappointingly the new Old Sydney Town – Relocated (Forgotten Funparks 7) had been relocated so that it now pulled up well short of highlighting what was left of the place – so after we found the cache we continued up the road to reminisce and what not 😉.

Caches found: 7 (#1197 – 2003)

Date found: 8th April 2016

Location: Yarramalong, Bumble Hill and Somersby, Central Coast, NSW

Found with: Opa-Shrek


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