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In Training

As the school holidays drew to a close, I found myself with the kids at the local netball courts learning to ride bikes and roll on skates – pleasingly, I had left Go to Court lie since it was published, despite it being so close to home, knowing I would be here one day for exactly…


Now it’s Time to Play our Game

I mentioned (albeit briefly) in my last post that I had hidden 3 more caches, and was waiting for them to be reviewed an published – and with only one small hiccup, all 3 were published shortly thereafter… But that small hiccup got me to thinking, yet again, about the subjective and less than consistent…


Year Out ~ Year In

I’ve been procrastinating my next blog post for a while, and before I knew it Christmas has passed by, and the New Year was upon us – so I decided that should be enough to kick my arse into gear and knock out a post – and, given its the season for wrap-ups and resolutions,…