Roadtrip Wrapup

Now that the dust has settled on our roadtrip (and scrubbed from the surface of our car), and life has returned to our normal, it’s time to have a look at the cold hard numbers 😃  image

  • Total Caches found : 50 (bringing overall find count to 1033)

~ 33 Traditionals

~ 4 multi’s (including one interstate multi, and my 70th multi-cache find!)

~ 11 Earthcaches (bringing my total EC finds to 25, upping me to ‘Gold’ in the badge stakes for this cache type)

~ 2 webcams (my first of this kind, and earning the “photographic cacher” badge))

  • Total states/territories visited = 4

image~ 6 state border crossings

~ finds in 3 states over 1 day

~ 4 finds in NSW (Yass, Tarcutta, Atherton and Hay)

~ 6 finds in the ACT/Canberra

~ 22 finds in Victoria (Glenrowan, Melbourne/Williamstown, and across the Great Ocean Road)

~ 18 finds in South Australia (gaining me a new state souvenier 😀)

  • Total Kilometres travelled = 3700+ image

~ Furthest cache found from home = Easy Degrees (Bedford Park, SA) – 1184km from home – also my furthest find West 😀

~ a Furthest find South = TB Hotel @ The 12 Apostles (Princetown, Vic) – also my 1000th find!

~ Maximum distance between cache finds in 1 day = 1293km (but that’s only because the Interstate multi started in Melbourne 😉)

~ Total finds over 500 kilometres from home now 111 (20 finds over 1000k’s from home)

~ By the end of the trip, my cache centroid had increased its distance to 65kms from home (started at 24kms)

  • Favourite Points Awarded = 5

~ Murder in Gun Alley (Melbourne CBD, Vic) – This was a great find in the city, and a perfect urban cache. It got a favourite for its in your face ingenuity, and placement, as well as the excitement of being able to use a key from my pocket to open the padlock to gain access to the cache.

~ The Grotto (Earthcache, Great Ocean Road, Vic) – My favourite of all the geological features we visited throughout the trip, so I had to give it a point… I loved the colours of this place, and was impressed by  the freshwater and saltwater erosion in the same location.

~ Mountopoly – House #1 (Mt Gambier, SA) – as a spur of the moment, fly in the pants find this one impressed me with its construction/theme at the time so figured it deserved a mention.

~ Lighthouses, Guns and Penguins (Port MacDonnald, SA) – I really enjoyed our short visit to the area and liked that I had a decent multi that didn’t take me anywhere else there to do while we killed time and explored the space. I figured like the grotto it deserved my tourist vote.

~ Easy Degrees (Bedford Park, SA) – after disappointing finds in Adelaide, this one pleased the pants off me, for its location, and the container itself (which I’ve seen before, and they are one of my preferred types to find). I dropped my TB off on its journey here, it’s my “Uni find”, and it turned out to be my furthest/most western find. Why not give it a favourite point too?
imageSo, that’s a wrap on that journey…




But I did mention it was back to “normal” right?

So, a couple of days after we returned school went back and Jen went back to work, leaving me to do my thing… I figured a visit to my best mate was on the cards – but I also knew about a new cache up near her place that needed a key that was attached to a TB… I wasn’t in any rush to track it down and make the find, but I’d inadvtantly put the TB on watch when I’d learnt of its existence through the Facebook page and was looking at its details – which meant that I was also aware that the TB had been dropped off the evening before at a cache conveniently close… And being one of dads caches, I knew roughly where they were without having to puzzle out the coords…. With the end of the long weekend, I figured the chances that I would be the only one heading for it were pretty high, so…

Needless to say, I headed out on Tuesday morning, stopping first at Dads high flyer cache #1 (previously found) to collect the TB… Except I needed to PAF him anyway because I’d forgotten which set of rocks at GZ it was stashed under, and didn’t have the coords stored in my phone 😜. From there I wandered along towards Central Coast Flying High #2 thinking a couple of things:

  1. Geocaching (or caches like these ones requiring a TB and therefore 3 finds needed for 1 cache, 2 for the TB pick up and drop off and 1 for the target cache) brings out a special kind of crazy in this season… 30 degree heat at 9:30am, and I was already up to 3500 steps on the active watch 😆
  2. While enjoying the walk through my local bush I mused about the recent roadtrip and my 1000th find – I love exploring the world’s apart differences across the country, but I really do love omy local Coastal surrounds, even up here in the mountains… Plus, it was a good thing that this find work out nicely for me… I wanted to do this cache after I’d passed the thousand milestone – after all, that is what the cache theme is, and now I will be apart of the 3rd intake into the flying High club 🎉

The find itself was quick and easy – this one I remembered exactly where it was hidden 😉

One of the model aeroplanes "Flying High"

One of the model aeroplanes “Flying High”

TB in hand, Next stop Long Jetty – but of course, it pays to read the description of such caches before hand… I pulled up near to the posted coordinates for the Safe Cracker cache – it was interesting to see so many surfers about at this popular break, given just the day before a bunch of sharks had run everyone out of this beach… The surfers didn’t seem to care though. In fact, it sounded like it had just given the peeps some “war stories” to tell 😉 – Anyway, I grabbed the TB and went to head into GZ… But stopped in my tracks when I realised this was a Dune revegetation area (and therefore no-go zone) and thought “surely not”. I brought up the cache page to see if any other logs spoke of this evil, but found instead the standard words “The cache is not at the posted coordinates”.. Face Palm 😜 – I finally looked at what I had in my hand, and saw a simple code on the TB tag… Der Kel 😆. I quickly decoded it, thanks to the “brilliance” of smart phone on the spot technology, and was relieved to see the final location wasn’t too far away at all… In fact, just the opposite end of my mates street to where I was – so over I went, targeted the spot on the sat map, and went in for the kill… Finding a big black box under the jetty I tried to pull it out to make a more comfortable find at the nearby tables, but was foiled – the safe was bolted down! Der Kel! I used the key, and found the paperwork within, which I took to more comfortable lodgings to sign, then returned all as it was, before heading on for a cold drink and chat with my mate.


A few days later and it was time to head of on a cache hunt with dad… As he had a TB that wanted to see whales he had a couple of cache option spiced out – and as I had already found one of them, I chose the other, Heavens Above Bouddi, which I hadn’t really spent anytime looking at, but knew dad at worked his way to at least WP3, lessening the effort required, and I was in the mood for a walk anyway.

With some of the details already in (dads) hands, we headed directly to WP3, choosing the flatter walk along the bottom half of the Coastal walk (Maitland Bay track, through Bouddi National Park), past Bullimah Beach and onto Gerrin Point Lookout… the coords dad had figured out led us so far along the track, but as it turned out, there was nothing there that matched the clues we were looking for, so after a bit of a scratch about and hesitation about where we (dad) had gone wrong, we continued along the path, eventually finding exactly what we were looking for, which pleased us.  Calculating where we needed to go next to make our final find, we found we needed to go uphil, virtually to the head above us – and where we would have come from had we have come directly from WP2. Looking at the track options, we decided it made far more sense to retrace our steps, grab the car, and head to the cache via the track head from the top of the hill, again the flatter terrain, but also not taking us the round about way, further along the coastline than necessary, and up a reasonably large hillside.


So, back at the top of the hill, at the other end of the Mailand Bay track, we started out our second walk for the morning, this time though, it was essentially just a “traditional” cache walk… Along a nice bush trail in the national park above the coast mind you – and the final find was an ammo can, which is always a pleasure.  and, after taking in the views, making our find and walking back out of there, I checked the deets on the active watch, to find that We’d just completed around 8000 steps, over around 5kms… A little bit longer than the 2 mentioned on the cache page, but what are you gunna do? We had a lovely mornings bush walk for the price of our single smiley – and I guess that’s kinda the point 😎.

Caches found: 3 (#1034-1036)

Location/s: Somersby/Long Jetty/Bouddi NP, Central Coast, NSW

Date/s found: 6th and 8th October 2015


Wait a sec! One more! 😜

imageHappy International Earthcache Day!

This afternoon I received a notification that my Earthcache had been found… Reading the messaged answers and accompanying log, I realised I’d almost forgotten about this special souvenir day. Luckily (and conveniently) for me, I had one still up my sleeve from the roadtrip… Those playing along at home may recall I mentioned one in the Melbourne CBD, The Yarra River, which I hadn’t needed to get to my 1000 by the Great Ocean Road, then didn’t want to log in place as it would change my milestone cache in my stats. But given the day, I decided today I would log it.  So despite logging today and claiming my souvenir for it, I actually “found” it on the 25th September, so make that 51 finds overal, 23 in Victoria and 12 Earthcaches, bringing me to 26 EC finds overall 😉.


One thought on “Roadtrip Wrapup

  1. My my, that is is a lovely long list of achievements and new records and milestone all from one road trip. But it is good to see you back to normal now too… I must admit I could see the face palming moment approaching as I just had a sneaky feeling the published cords were not where the cache was gonna be. 🙂

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