Darling Delights

Earlier this week I found myself running a 2 day training in Glebe Point near the Sydney CBD, so I booked some last minute overnight accommodation in Darling Harbour to make life easier.  As it turned out, conveniently for me, the training group was small, which meant we got through the content a lot quicker than usual, and I was able to give them (and me) a 1.5hr early mark 😀. With so much time up my sleeve, I decided to walk around the harbour foreshore around Glebe Point and Pyrmont to Darling Harbour, and of course, collected some caches along the way…

imageFrom the training venue, I headed down to Glebe Point for the closest cache, 430m along the foreshore. Finding GZ was a boardwalk, the “Billy Goats Gruff” cache name made sense – and, grateful it was low tide, promptly jumped off the edge of the boardwalk and crawled on under. After poking about for a bit, I hadn’t found anything, and begrudgingly decided to leave it, heading onto the next. Once again I found a spot I thought would reveal the cache quickly but didn’t – when I checked the logs on this one though, I had a chuckle as the geobro’s log appeared – he said he used the video-phone for this one, so I did as he had before me, but still didn’t locate the cache….I probably spent a little more time here because he had found this one, but with grey clouds looming and a few spots of rain, I figured I ought to keep moving as I didn’t want to be caught in the rain this far from the hotel, and off I headed.

There was a bit of a gap in caches as I rounded the foreshore past the Fish Markets, but as I approached the city and Darling Harbour those little dots started to appear on my map, and I picked a route taking via a few more towards the hotel.  The first was a simple container under some stairs in a green space – I’d thought I would find an eclipse tin, so was surprised to have found a small container sitting there.  The next in line was a puzzle cache, forgotten Australians #2 – I’d solved the puzzle with a bit of googling before my last trip to the city, but the GZ was out of the way then. This time, it was only a short detour so off I headed to collect it – As I approached GZ I found a set of metal stairs heading to the street above, which seemed the obvious choice, but when I reached the stairs, the GPSr said 12.3m to go… I started down the path into a residential green space, but noticed the garden under the stairs appeared with a geotrail, so I ducked into the garden. After checking the standard places I scratched my head and returned to the foot of the stairs – I’m really not used to city caching and the resulting effects on GPS signal, so still looking to settle on GZ a short distance off I headed up the stairs…. imageWith nothing showing by the time I was halfway up, I headed back down…and as I reached the bottom again, thinking this was going to end in another DNF, I had a brainwave…well, more of a thought to check the obvious spot at the bottom of the stairs rather than a brainwave… But guess what? That’s where I found it 😂.  At the other end of this little space was a traditional, and I figured I may as well not leave it. This time though, I used the sat map to zoom in on GZ, and but for a pause for a passing muggle was a simple cache and dash 😀.

I then headed downhill from Pyrmont to Darling Harbour, arriving at the Maritime Museum. I knew there was a cache there somewhere, so I found a wall to sit on while I found the cache on my map….and then had a chuckled when it showed I was practically already sitting at GZ 😃 – I read the cache detail for Man Overboard!, and remembered dad had commented on the T3 rating after he picked it up a month or so back -the cache was positioned somewhere on the wall I was sitting on…with a bit of a tiered drop, about 5m down to the museum driveway below – I had another chuckle when I saw the cache description told me to access it from the top, yet many of the logs spoke of climbing up from below to get to it the “hard” way 😂 – needless to say, I just reached down to the their below me, and found the cache in the crack between sandstone bricks.

From there I headed to the hotel and checked in, and a short while later headed back out for a wander around Darling Harbour…. I saw there was a traditional halfway across the pedestrian bridge to the city, and a multi at the other end – I figured that would do me nicely, and hoped the multi wouldn’t take me to the other side of the city. I headed out, and was surprised by the throngs of workers now heading every which way, most of them in a hurry – a quick check of the watch told me why – it was just after 5pm 😉 – I didn’t worry about them, as I knew most wouldn’t worry about me, and headed to the mid point of the bridge…imageI followed the directions given on Oh My Darling! to tie my shoelaces, by putting down my bag on the spot, getting the cache as I did…I pretended to dig in my bag while I signed and returned it, then stood up,…I figured noone the wiser – but when I relayed the events to Jen later she laughed and said something about being ‘Alert, not Alarmed’, but I suggested I looked way less Sussex in my dress and handbag, than a young bloke in a hoodie with a backpack 😀.

imageAs I walked to the other end of the bridge, I pulled up the details for the multi, Darling of the Harbour. I realised I had missed a waypoint at the start of the bridge, but figured it didn’t matter, as the other waypoints headed back around the harbour to where I’d started, and I could do it in reverse from the Cockle Bay side…but as I read on, I realised the clue for GZ was quite specific….seeing Dads log there making mention that he chuckled when he saw where GZ suggested it was back here at the starting point – I went with the hunch, and figuring there were only so many corners on the bridge level, I started to poke around the corners and see if there was anywhere a cache could hide. At this end of the bridge, there was another that continued over the road into the city, so I checked out those, but as all the corners were stone, and held no hiding places, I moved back down to the original waypoint – as I collected the numbers needed there, noting those corners were also not suitable, but then I saw yet another corner, on the ramp heading down to the street on this side – with all the railings there being metal, I figured this was it, so I did my handbag thing in that corner, and came up trumps with the cache – a micro sized systema, but bigger than an eclipse or nano, so here in the city, way more satisfying than if I’d found the same container in a cave near home 😀.  Then, because I was out for a walk around anyway, I headed down to Cockle Bay and around to Harbourside via the other waypoints (except that one I had walked past earlier), noting the multi-cache details as I went – although at one of the WPs I found I couldn’t be certain of the number anyway, because the sculpture you needed to use was no longer there. There was also another traditional I “passed”, but as it was on the pedestrian part of the fly road ahead, I decided I really couldn’t be bothered figuring out how to get up there, and left it alone.

Daily Find Count: 6

Find numbers: 978 – 983

Location: Pyrmont/Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW


And so, you may ask, with my 1000th Find milestone on the horizon, what’s next?

As you may well know, I’d intended to hit this milestone on my cache-iversary (13th October), but thanks to the geomissions Dad and I busied ourselves with over the past few months, I’ll be hitting it in September instead…there is unlikely to be any caching this week, but on Sunday we leave on our road trip South/South West, to Canberra, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, Adelaide and return – while not a caching trip by any means, with only 17 to go for the milestone, I expect it will in all likelihood be on the Great Ocean Road – which will probably mean an Earthcache, as that’s mostly what I’ll find along there. On the other hand, In the event I find enough on the way to Melbourne, I did put the geobro to the challenge of a “milestone worthy” cache in Melbourne – Define “milestone worthy” he said – I dunno,  something different – so not an eclipse tin, got it. – maybe something outside the box, something I haven’t found before, one of my missing DR combination so??? – well, maybe handing the reigns over to him will get me out of my comfort zone… He linked me to a cache and sent me pics of him doing it, and I almost wee’d my pants…which is only a minor consequence when compared to what I’d probably do if I did attempt this one…

Anyway, we shall see, we shall see… All will be revealed in the fullness of time 😎


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