To Cache or Not to Cache

That is the argument the little voices in my head were having today….one voice (V1) was desperate to relieve an itch, having not had a geo-mobile for over a week now….the other (V2) was feeling lazy and hot… know those days….

V1: We’ve been without a car for over a week and haven’t been caching. We have a car today….

V2: yeah, ok. But weren’t we going to Bunnings today?

V1: a couple of caches won’t hurt. There’s 5 or 6 we can easily grab if we go to Tuggerah Bunnings. There’s a Spotlight there too, so we can get those other things we need too.

V2: yeah, ok.

Driving there, head past a cache I haven’t found:

V1: grab this one on the way, yeah?

V2: nah. I got thongs and a skirt on, can’t be bothered doing a wet area cache today. Leave it for later.

V1: ok. multi then – let’s go.

V2: (after a minute or 2) can’t find it, let’s go.

V1: the clue says thin tree. I’ll just check these other thin trees.

V2: (a minute or 2 later): right, now we’ve Been spotted by a muggle can we just go?

V1: hang on, I’m sure it’s here

V2: I’m sure it’s not

V1: I’ll just check logs….(after doing so)…maybe we could just walk down the track and we’ll come across the next waypoints – the clues are pretty specific.

V2: let’s not and say we did.

V1: come on, I’m sure we’ll find something

V2: (checks map for distance to point) No. Let’s go try another. Come back to this one.

V1: ok, there’s a puzzle down the road. We just need signs. We’ll get the final later.

V2: sure. Ok.

Drive to place down the road and park.

V1: see there’s one of the signs already

V2: yeah, but where are the other 11

V1: around here Somewhere (walks off)

V2: I don’t see anything

V1: over there I can see a couple more signs

V2: (following) they don’t look like the clues.

V1: we’ll just get a closer Iook…..ok. These arn’t the ones – maybe the other way?

V2: maybe the other way, maybe a different park altogether. Common, let’s go.

V1: but…

V2: I’m going. There’s an easy one down the road.

V1: ok.

Drive to next cache.

V1: ok, let’s go.

V2: it’s getting hot. Hope this doesn’t take long.

V1: shhh. Pipe down. We’ll get a drink after…..oh, look, here’s the cover the hints talking about…look, here it is! 🙂

Happily open cache, sign log, and replace.

V2: god that cement covering is heavy. I’m sweating now.

V1: least we got one. There’s another easy trad around the corner we haven’t got.

V2: nah. I need a drink.

V1: we’ll get the other one first then stop at the shops and get a drink and the things we need. We pass by them anyway.

Start driving there…

V2: I’m hot. Let’s go to the shops first.

V1: nah, quick cache first, then we’ll come back.

V2: I’m hot. I need a drink. Shops it is.

Stop at shops and go into Bunnings first.

V1: why are you dragging your feet

V2: I’m hot. Let’s just get what we need and go home.

V1: ok, there’s a couple of other things we were gunna look at though

V2: can’t be bothered. I’m hot. I need a drink. Let’s get what we need and go.

V1: hmmm…I wonder which type of Silaflex we need?

V2: the cheapest. Let’s go.

V1: hang on, it might not be right….

V2: it’s fine, let’s go.

V1: ok. We’ll just go see if they have the container we need while we’re here

V2: whatever, just be quick.

V1: you’re dragging you’re feet again

V2: it’s hot. I want a drink. Let’s go.

Pay and leave Bunnings

V1: Spotlight?

V2: no.

V1: cache?

V2: no. Drink.

Drive to Hungry Jacks get Frozen Coke.

V1: one more cache then home?

V2: no. Home.

V1: (defeated) ok. Home.


Cache name: Chittabout (GCRG56)
Location: Chittaway, Central Coast, NSW
Find number: 479
Date found: 2nd December 2014

Note: I needed to go to Bunnings, a hardware chain, to get some heavy-duty glue (Silaflex)….I’m told this is ‘the’ stuff to use to attach magnets to plastic…..what’s that? sounds like new caches? ….yep. You got it 🙂 – Dad and I have a little series coming out – in fact, we pressed the ‘go’ button on the first 2 today….but the reviewer was quick to deny them – I was onto it though, and resubmitted post required alterations….and all will be revealed in the fullness of time 😀


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